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ETERNAL FATHER STRONG TO SAVE (101 Verses -- more or less) (Additional verses to the original Navy Hymn)



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ETERNAL FATHER, STRONG TO SAVE The story of the sailors' hymn The words to this hymn have been changed several times since the original hymn by Reverend Whiting was first published in 1860-1861. One will find that the verses as now published in most hymnals differ from the original primarily in the choice of one or two words in several lines of each verse. However, inasmuch as it is not known whether the original verses are now available in a hymnal, those original words are given below:

Eternal Father, Strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave, Who bid'st the mighty Ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep; O hear us when we cry to thee, For those in peril on the sea. O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard And hushed their raging at Thy word, Who walked'st on the foaming deep, And calm amidst its rage didst sleep; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee For those in peril on the sea! Most Holy Spirit! Who didst brood Upon the chaos dark and rude, And bid its angry tumult cease, And give, for wild confusion, peace; Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee For those in peril on the sea! O Trinity of Love and power! Our brethren shield in danger's hour; From rock and tempest, fire and foe, Protect them wheresoe'er they go; Thus evermore shall rise to Thee Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.


It will be noted that in The Hymnal (1940) of The Protestant Episcopal Church, the 2nd and 3rd verses of the hymn are different from those 2nd and 3rd verses published elsewhere. These substitutions give recognition to changing aspects of our culture, particularly the advent of additional modes of transportation -- the automobile and the airplane. The Episcopal 2nd and 3rd verses are:

O Christ, the Lord of hill and plain O'er which our traffic runs amain, By mountain pass or valley low, Wherever Lord Thy brethren go; Protect them by Thy guardian hand From every peril on the land.

O Spirit, Whom the Father sent To spread abroad the Firmament; O wind of Heaven, by Thy Might, Save all who dare the eagle's flight; And keep them by Thy watchful care From every peril in the air.

The Presbyterian Church, USA, likewise has added a new verse which recognizes the advent of the field of aviation. The best information available indicates that this new verse to "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" appeared in 1943 in a little booklet entitled, "A Book of Worship and Devotion for the Armed Forces," published by the Board of Christian Education of the Presbyterian Church, USA. All indications are that this new verse can be traced back to a completely separate hymn, "Lord, Guard and Guide the Men Who Fly," written by Mary C. D. Hamilton in 1915, during the First World War. From this hymn the first verse and the last two lines to the fourth verse were taken to form this new verse to "Eternal Father, Strong to Save." the new verse to "Eternal Father...", as appearing in the little Presbyterian booklet, is as follows: Lord, guard and guide the men who fly Through the great spaces of the sky; Be with them traversing the air, In darkening storms or sunshine fair. O God, protect the men who fly, Through lonely ways beneath the sky.


Apparently, during or shortly after World War II, someone in the Navy familiar with the words above adapted this verse for choral rendition. The adaptation changed a word or two here and there and substituted two new fifth and sixth lines. What some might call the "Naval Aviation version" is as follows: Lord, guard and guide the men who fly Through the great spaces in the sky, Be with them always in the air, In darkening storms or sunlight fair. O, Hear us when we lift our prayer, For those in peril in the air.

This version together with the first verse, as found on Page 1, are the verses sung by the men and women of the Navy, particularly those in Naval Aviation, and by the Naval Aviation Cadet Choir on the sound track of the NAVY LOG Television films. These are also the same verses that will be heard on the commercial record.

The tune of "Melita", to which Reverend Dykes adapted the words of "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" in 1861, is, of course, a very moving and inspiring melody. Research indicates that the above additions and alterations to Reverend Whiting's original ode are not the only changes that have been or will be made to the hymn, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save." From time to time, individuals have been and will be inspired to write verses other than those which are included in this background information on the NAVY LOG Theme Music -- the Navy Hymn, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save."

Prepared by Office of Information (NAVY LOG Project Office) Navy Department Washington, DC


(May 10, 1956) THE "NAVY LOG" THEME MUSIC Many requests have been received by the Office of Navy Information for information concerning the musical theme of the popular CBS Television program, NAVY LOG. The Choral rendition is by the Naval Aviation Cadet Choir of the Pensacola Naval Air Station. The NAVY LOG theme is known to United States Navy men and women as the "Navy Hymn," a song benediction that long has had a special appeal to seafaring men, particularly in the American Navy and the Royal Navies of the British Commonwealth and which, ln more recent years, has become a part of French naval tradition. The original words were written as a hymn by a clergyman of the Church of England, and schoolmaster, the Reverend William Whiting (1825-1872). Reverend Whiting resided on the English coast near the sea and had once survived a furious storm in the Mediterranean. Such experiences inspired him to write the ode, "Eternal Father, Strong to Save." The following year, 1861, the words were adapted to music by another English clergyman, the Reverend John B. Dykes, (1823-1876) who had previously written the music as "Melita" (ancient name for the Mediterranean island of Malta). Reverend Dykes' name may be recognized as that of the composer given credit for the music to many other well-known hymns, including "Holy, Holy, Holy," "Lead, Kindly Light," "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," and "Nearer, My God to Thee." In the United States, in 1879, the late Rear Admiral Charles Jackson Train, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis (class of 1865), was a Lieutenant Commander stationed at the Academy in charge of the Midshipmen's Choir. In that year, Lieutenant Commander Train inaugurated the present practice of concluding each Sunday's Divine Service at the Academy with the singing of the first verse of this hymn.


ANTARCTIC PERSONNEL "DEEP FREEZE FORCES" Creator, Father, who dost show Thy splendor in the ice and snow; Bless those who toil in summer light And through the cold Antarctic night, As they they frozen wonders learn Bless those who wait for their return. Chaplain L. E. Vogel, USN


ARMISTICE DAY DEAR God OF LOVE, in thanks we pray For bloodshed's end on Armistice Day That hate and war will ever cease And we will live in love and peace. We pledge ourselves and hope we can Bring peace on earth, good will to man. Captain Carl E. Bolte, Jr. CHC, USNR (Ret) Copyright 1994


ARMY FRIENDS Lord God, who speaks with voice so clear, Speak that we know that thou art near; Protect your faithful Army friends, For they have helped, our peace to win; And bless us as we join our hands, With those in peril on the land. CDR Merle E. Strickland, CHC, USN, RET


ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, JOINT COMMANDERS Lord, guard and guide the men who fly And those who on the ocean ply Be with our troops upon the land, And all who for their country stand, Be with these guardians day and night, And may their trust be in thy might. E. L. Boyette


AVIATION O watchful Father who dost keep Eternal vigil while we sleep, Guide those who navigate on high, Who through grave unknown perils fly, Receive our oft-repeated prayer For those in peril in the air. Unknown Lord, guard and guide all who fly Through the great spaces of the sky Be with them on their lonely flights Through darkening day and endless nights O hear us as we lift our prayers For those in peril in the air. Ray Schultz


BICENTENNIAL Eternal Father, incline Thine ear, During this our Bicentennial Year, To prayers for the faith and hope of yore Which 'stablished freedom on these shores; O hear us when we pray to Thee For continued peace and liberty. Capt. Earl L. Boyette CHC, USN


BIRTH Almighty God who gave us birth; Ordained our days upon this earth. Lord, when our life comes to its end, And on Thy mercy we depend; O give us grace that we may be, Alive forevermore with Thee! CAPT E. D. Cook, USN


CHANGE OF COMMAND O Lord our God, we thank Thee true For leaders who are led by you. Their loyalty and courage comes From Your all gracious loving hand. Uphold them in the storms of strive And guide them to a peaceful life. Walter Volz


And for our chaplains, Lord, we pray, Each serving you in their own way; Grant them the grace to e'er be wise And ne'er Your service compromise. And may they, Lord, be always heard Whene'er they preach Your Holy Word.

CHAPLAIN Eternal Father, Lord of all Who from on high have heard thy call; To Thee we lift in grateful prayer Those who the cross or tablets wear. May chaplains find their strength in Thee In air and on the land and sea.

Larry Miller And for the Navy Chaplain Corps Aboard the ships, the planes, the shore. Make them Thy instruments and keep Them close to all who with them seek The loving kindness of Thy grace. Grant them, at last, to see Thy face.

C. D. Wilson Eternal Father, grant to all Who follow Thee and heed Thy call The strength to minister today To servicemen 'n women, I pray. Provide our chaplains with Thy grace For every challenge they shall face.

P. B. Creider Eternal Father, evermore Please guide those in the Chaplain Corps Who strive, thy message to impart To ev'ry mariner's hung'ring heart. O keep them strong and close to thee, On land, in air and on the sea.

RP1 Kenneth Lee Johnson Eternal Father, God of all, Abide with those who heed the call To serve Marines and Coast Guard, too Our merchantmen and Navy blue. O God of love, whom we adore, Protect the Navy Chaplain Corps.

Rev. Paul K. Schieringa, Inarajan Guam Lord, Bless and guide your Chaplain Corps Which ministers the whole world o're. O keep them (us) humble, strong and true, United in their (our) cause for you. God guide the Corps where'er they (we) be, On land, in air or on the sea. Amen.

J. R. McNeil Inspire those whom you've called to serve, Who bring good news and spread your word. By Your own love may they be bound To bring Your name the world around. O keep them close, God evermore; Lord, bless and guide the Chaplain Corps.

CDR Gordon E. Garthe, CHC, USNR, Ret

J. R. McNeil


CHAPLAIN CONT. You're the chaplains of the Navy You can heal and you can pray. You don't worry about the gunfire Just about the souls you save. And you always bear your crosses No matter what the cost is You're the chaplains of the Navy Saving souls on the seven seas. Unknown


CHAPLAIN RESOURCE BOARD Eternal Father hear our plea, Please bless us all at the CRB. Grant us patience, strength and skill. Help us fulfill your every will. Resource packages, Support Guides too, We pray they're finished before they're due The phones they ring, for book reviews But now and then for history too. We have resources from way back when, I cant remember, I wasn't born then! Currents are read, TNC too. We'll call FEDEX, so we can get them to you. RP2 Jenny Donathan, USN


CHAPELS Eternal Father, King of birth, who did create the heav’n and earth, who bids the planets and the sun Their own appointed orbits run: O hear us when we seek thy grace For those who soar through outer space. CDR Joseph e. Volonte, USN 3 May 1962


COAST GUARD Eternal Father, Lord of hosts, Watch o'er the men who guard our coasts Protect them from the raging seas And give them light and life and peace. Grant them from thy great throne above The shield and shelter of thy love. Always ready, strong they stand Our Coast Guard helps maintain this land. Semper Paratus is their call As they shirk self to give their all In duty tough, demanding, hard God guide and bless our Great Coast Guard. Unknown


CT'S Eternal Father, hear our plea, Remember us unknown CT's. Activities, Detachments manned At COMSTA's or on ships or land Remember us, for this we pray, For CT's near and far away. CTA1 John Williams


DEPLOYMENTS O Lord of Lords, O Kings of Kings, Please calm the raging roaring seas. Bring comfort to those far away, And with their loved ones always stay. When their missions done, their chores complete; Please guide them home Lord, safely. RP2 Jenny Donathan, USN


END OF TOUR OR RETIREMENT O loving Father, blessed Son Empow'ring Spirit, Three in One, Go with us as we leave this place Renewed, uplifted by your grace. O may we serve you all our days With lives of courage, faith and praise. J. F. Gundlach The bosun's pipe will sound once more As this proud sailor steps ashore. Storms ridden out, lonely watches stood, Sacrifice made for our country's good. Lord, bless Thy servant as he leaves With fair winds and foll'wing seas. L. A. Violette


FAMILY Join us now as we give thanks, For all you've done among our ranks, You've brought great blessing to us here; Good food, good friends, and family dear, Grant us from your throne above, The faith and grace to share our love. Unknown God, who dost still the restless foam, Protect the ones we love at home. Provide that they should always be By Thine own grace both safe and free. O Father, hear us when we pray For those we love so far away. P. B. Creider God, guard the service family Whose loved ones keep our country free. As follow they from place to place Keep them in your sustaining grace. And when at times they're left behind Grant them your comfort sure and kind. Mrs. Ruth E. Fisher O Holy Father, grant we pray, To steadfast families on this day, The courage still to carry on When loved ones have been gone so long. Then give each heart your song to sing, And round this earth may freedom ring. Mrs. Elizabeth Looby


And when at length our course is run, Our work for God and country done. By power of Thy breath restore, All those who died in peace and war. O comfort loved ones left behind, And grant eternal life on high.

FUNERALS/MEMORIALS Eternal Father, guard our dead, For whom his comrades bow their heads. Receive him now his labors cease, And grant him thine eternal peace. O hear us as we lift our prayer, For promised rest and loving care.

Chaplain Gene Gomulka Eternal Father, Lord Divine, Protector of all mountain clime, In summer, winter, cold or heat May we the challenge always meet. Be with us and the troops we train And may eternal life we gain.

Chaplain Hugh Lecky Almighty God who gave us birth: Ordered our days upon this earth. Lord, when our life comes to its end. And on Thy mercy we depend: O give us grace that we may be, Alive forevermore with Thee!

LCDR W. G. Perdue, CHC, USN

LTJG Stephen Sloat CHC, USNR NAVSTA Pearl Harbor Eternal Father, grant we pray The strength we need for each new day. Grant now to those whose loss we share, The affirmation of your care. When death has made its sure demands We rest ourselves in your firm hands. Unknown


GREY SHEPHERD The Corps salutes its shepherds grey, All those who served along their way. The men and women, faithful who Gave prayer and praise its rightful due. Be Thou the Guardian of their ways, And smile upon them all their days. Amen. Unknown


HOLOCAUST Eternal Father, hear our plea, For all who die so needlessly. Those brutalized, those forced to flee, Forever in our mercy. Open our minds that we may know, And from the Holocaust may we grow. TM2 Roy Faust O Lord, our God who reigns above, You saved and gave us all new love. Through all the agonies and strife, You promised us a wondrous life. Though evil tried to reign o'er all, God's chosen people did not fail. Kirsten Jorgenson


MARRIAGE Eternal God whose love creates Bless these whose vows we celebrate Enrich their joys with love impressed Sustain them in life's deep distress O grant that in Thine own good will True marriages may be fulfilled. Paul W. Murphey O, God protect this couple who, In marrigae, faith in Thee renew Inspire their lives that they may be Examples true on land and sea. Grant them from Thy great throne above The shield and shelter of Thy love. Pauline E. Dwyer & CDR. Gary F. Johnson


MEDICAL CORP O Christ, our Lord, pour healing grace Upon the staff within this place That by their skillful care and love The ill have healing from above. O hear us when we cry to Thee For those in pain on land and sea. J. A. Frank O bless our skillful surgeons, Lord, Our Navy nurses now on board, Our dentists, Lord, and corpsmen, too, And those who help them help serve you; O grant them strength and constancy As they heal those who ply the sea. Larry Miller Creator, Father, who first breathed in us the life that we received, By power of thy breath restore the ill and those with wounds of war. Bless those who give their healing care, that life and laughter all may share. Unknown


MID EAST/GULF WAR Eternal Father, keep us safe, Upon these waters sand encased. As war continues in this Gulf, Let us be mindful of Thy self. Encourage us as we do steam, Protecting those who trust this team! LT. Alan Baker, CHC, USNR USS RICHMOND K. TURNER (CG-20) "Most blessed Savior, who did stay, In the harsh desert, forty days, Who with stood sand and sin's hot glower, And by thy will, broke Satan's power, O hear our prayers, by our faith born, For those of us in Desert Storm." HM2 (AC) D.A. Kirpatrick, III Eternal Father, God of might You are our strength through war's dark night While in the air on land and sea We look to you for victory Preserve us in the Middle East And guide us to a lasting Peace. LCDR. Guy W. Drab, CHC, USN


NATIONAL PRAYER BREAKFAST Eternal Father, wisdom's source, Direct our leaders in your course. Please grant the vision that they need To keep our nation ever free And as we find ourselves thus blessed May we in turn free those oppressed. Eternal Father, God above, Preserve our nation in your love. Provide the guidance that we pray, Inspire our people day by day. And may this ever be our creed; One people under God, indeed. LCDR Guy W. Drab, CHC, USN


NAVAL ACADEMY/MIDSHIPMAN ETERNAL FATHER, THANKS TO YOU For our midshipmen who are true To every single duty call To do their best, to give their all. Know that we are so grateful for Our midshipmen evermore. Carl E. Bolte, Jr. 1994


NAVAL MOBILE CONSTRUCTION BATTALION Lord, stand beside the men who build, And give them courage, strength and skill; O grant them peace of heart and mind, And comfort loved ones left behind; Lord, keep them faithful unto Thee, Where'er they be on land or sea. Chaplain R. J. Dirtrick, USN


NAVAL RESERVE Eternal Father, bless those who serve In our gallant Naval Reserve. We need their talent, effort, too; They are patriots through and through. Give them guidance in each deed When they're called in time of need. Carl Eugene Bolte, Jr. CAPT, CHC, USNR (Ret)

“We brave reservists, one and all, must answer to our nation’s call; to storm across the raging sea, and help restore democracy. Oh Lord, prepare us day and night, for we may be the next to fight. HMC Barbara Hildreth 24 September 1994


NAVAL TRAINING CENTERS Eternal Father, grant we pray Your blessings on recruits this day, Now guide them through their training weeks And grant the strength that each one seeks To serve their God and country best As sailors who can stand the test. Unknown

Eternal Father, hear and bless Recruits who train and face great stress. Let honor, courage be their guide, commitment flourish and abide. Grant hope to loved ones left behind and every shipmate peace of mind. W.g. Perdue LCDR CHC USN



Lord God, protect thy cannoneer, Restore each soul, remove all fear. Grant peace to us who bow to thee and offer humble prayer at sea. Receive our dead O’ Lord this day, With humble hearts, dear God, we pray. _______________

Lord God, protect thy cannoneers, Restore each soul, remove all fears. Grant peace to us who bow to thee and offer prayer from land and sea. Receive our dead O’ Lord this day, with humble hearts, dear God, we pray.

CRD Michael Lee Cramer


NAVY SEALS Eternal Father, faithful friend, Be quick to answer those we send in brotherhood and urgent trust On hidden missions dangerous; O hear us when we cry to Thee For SEALS in air and on land and sea. Zeller Westabrook


NAVY SPOUSES Eternal Father, love we pray those loyal spouses night and day, with them on Lord, we’ll forever know their light that shines will brightly glow, Help us to know that our husbands and wives will always be there, inspiring our lives.

HMC(aw/sw) N. M. Szejniuk 10 October 1995


NO MORE STANZAS Lord, close and stop the mouths of those Who'd on the Navy Hymn more words impose. Bring to them always, everywhere Great darkening storms and sunlight rare. O hear us when we cry to Thee From all those words now set us free! Chaplain Joseph N. Sestito 1968

Merciful Father hear this plea, From the depths of my heart, and on bended knee; May there be no more stanzas of the Navy Hymn; To be sung at chapel or in the base gym; Enough is enough, I'm full to the gill, Add one more line and I'll go over the hill. Unknown

Eternal Father, spare the curse Of yet another "Navy" verse which just confuses singing hearts, (too many words, despair imparts), O hear us when we cry anew for those in peril on the pew! Amen G. W. Linzey


OCEANOGRAPHY O Father, whose eternal love Spans ocean floor to skies above, From raging storms to waters still The winds and waves obey thy will. O hear us when we pray to thee For those who forecast wind and sea. Chaplain T. W. Donaldson


OCCASION OF COMMISSIONING A NAVAL SHIP O Father, King of Earth and Sea, We dedicate this ship to Thee. In faith we send her on her way; In faith to Thee we humbly pray; O hear from Heaven our sailor's cry And watch and guard her from on high! And when at length her course is run, Her work for home and country done, Of all the souls that in her sailed, Let not one life in Thee have failed; But hear from Heaven our sailor's cry, And grant eternal life on high! Unknown


PATRIOTIC O God, for these United States We seek the bond thy love creates. May patriots dwell within our shore Through thy great strength forevermore. Wher'er the stars and stripes unfurl May freedom shine to all the world. C. D. Wilson (Jan 1967)


POW/MIA O Blessed Father, high, yet near, Lend us Thy love and will to hear, Our call for mercy and concern That missing ones may be return'd: O listen as we call for Grace To give our loved ones resting place.

O God who rules from heavens throne Be with our missing far from home Let patience rule their hearts and mind As we work hard their souls to find O hear us when we kneel to pray For those held captive far away.

Jim Van Delinder USN, 1944-1948 J. K. Carter O Lord, the hope of men in chains, Who knoweth all the prisoner's pain, In ancient times whose sword's bright flame Hath laid the tyrant low in shame, Cast forth in mercy now thy hand For captives in a foreign land.

Missing in war who disappeared And yet have not been ever cleared Whose names are still upon our charts And loved ones feeling troubled hearts We pray O God that word may come To ease each heart from burdendom.

Captain Peter Schoeffel USN, 1970

Prisoners of war of heroes best Because they meet war's cruel test And as we lift our hearts to God On their behalf in camps abroad We know that God will be to them The hindrance to those who condemn.

We lift our hearts, unite in prayer, For our brave men in prisons there. Be Thou their shelter, friend and stay, Be ever present through each day. For those who wait, dear God of love, Give faith and courage from above.

P-O-W's M-I-A's this day We recognize you+r bravery That God may help you as we pray To find your freedom on this day And may your loved ones ever be Prepared to hear "at last you're free."

Mrs. W. J. Snittjer O God, who reigneth ever more, Bless all our Prisoners of War. For those still missing, we give pause, They live and serve for Freedom's cause. Protect our troops so far away, And guard all hostages we pray.

Leo Stanis Eternal Father, hear our prayer For those imprisoned anywhere; Be Thou their shield and Thou their stay; Be with them Lord both night and day; Uphold their families in despair; Grant them Thy grace and healing care.

Chris Xenakis

Ivan Burnett, Jr.


POW/MIA CONT. Lord, reach into the heart of those Whose prison walls may still impose Confinement of their hearts though free To bring them final liberty And for those unaccounted for Grant thy great peace forever more. Unknown O blessed Father, hear our plea, Return the men from o'er the sea, Their captors and tormentors hold Until each prisoner they disclose, And may our voices raise to thee Thanksgiving for your liberty. Mrs. Elizabeth Looby O Lord, who holds us in your hands, Through days of woe in enemy lands And heals the prisoner's heartfelt wounds, Be with the lost with fate unknown. O comfort loved ones who doth yearn, Bless those who wait for their return. CDR Merle E. Strickland, CHC, USN, Ret


PREJUDICE Eternal Father, hear our plea, From guilt and anger set us free. To ne'er forget your chosen ones, Your blessed daughters and your sons, Harmed by blind prejudice and hate, In love their souls we consecrate. Mrs. Mickey Boyes Eternal Father, God of Earth, Who seeks to give us second birth; Remove from us the chains of race, The pow'r of fear, the works of hate. Restore us to a brotherhood That stirs our world toward common good. LT Alan L. Anraeas, CHC, USNR O precious Lord, we give to Thee Our Hearts, our lives, on bended knee. May we become Thy hands of grace, As children frail we seek Thy face. Please grant us patience borne by love As through this trial our goal is won. LT Alan L. Anraeas, CHC, USNR


RAPE VICTIMS Eternal Lord God, strong to save Help all your children raped today. Stop all who plan such violence now, Bring justice to each victim's house. O hear us when we cry to Thee For all your children raped today. LCDR Sandra Bochonok, CHC, USNR


REFLECTING THE MEN IN SPACE AGE Eternal Father, King of birth, Who did create the heav’n and earth, who bid the planets and the sun Their own appointed orbit run: O hear us when we seek they grace For those who soar through outer space. CDR. J. Volonte, USN



The bosun’s pipe will sound once more As this proud sailor steps ashore. Storms ridden out, lonely watches stood, Sacrifice made for our country’s good. Lord, bless Thy servant as he leaves With fair winds and foll’wing seas. L. A. violette 17 April 1991


RELIGIONS Eternal God of many names Throughout the world your love's proclaimed By Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, By all who'd have us seek Your truth; O hear our prayers and intercede Regardless of our faith or creed. Ivan Burnett, Jr. O Christ, who gave His life for me, And gives new life now unto me; I thank you for this life so free, And for the peace that lives in me. O Jesus now,I give to Thee, All that I have in praise to Thee. Unknown


RELIGIOUS PROGRAM SPECIALIST Lord help the RPs with their chores, Aboard our ships or foreign shores. Help them to fulfill your glorious will, Grant them courage, strength and skill. O Father, hear us call to thee For blessings on Navy RPs. CTA1 J. Williams O God whose help we always need, Through people thou dost intercede. Religious Program Specialist, They serve the Lord and do feel blest. Grant unto them thy Holy Rest, For they do serve in sacredness. Leo Stanis


SAILORS (Naval Personnel) Eternal Father, Lord of all, Who guides all those who hear your call, To bring your Love, Peace and Reserve To those who for their country serve. Protect their lives that they may be A source of Light on land and sea. James F. Moran And so, our Father, now we pray: Please keep us safe both night and day. Give us safe harbor in thy sight And let us in thy love delight. O save us from sin's perilous sea That we may ever live with thee. Rev. Paul K. Schieringa Inarajan, Guam Eternal God, be close, be kind, Toward those who toil against bomb and mine. To those who fly, trim ship, or dive, Grant safely serve till home arrive. In thee we trust while minefields clear; Our prayer, Our God, be here, be near." Nathan Ware O God, You make the sun to rise So splendorously before our eyes; You give us health and strength each day, Your mercy, Lord, we humbly pray; O grant that all who serve at sea May praise You, Lord, eternally. Larry Miller


SEXIST LANGUAGE Eternal Fortress, Rock and Shield, Our Savior, Shepherd, Sovereign Will; You hover like and eagle near Or like a coun-selor calm our fear; O may we see beyond all names Your holy truth we would proclaim. Ivan Burnett, Jr.


SHIPS Lord guard and guide the ones who fly And those who on the ocean ply; Be with our troops upon the land, And all who for their contry stand: Be with these guardians day and night And may their trust be in thy might From Valley Forge to flight deck free We lift our voice in praise of Thee. Grant all who sail GEORGE - WASHINGTON Thy will in us shall ere be done. As our nation's father knelt to pray, We seek Thy help and peace always. E. L. Boyette O Sovereign Lord whose sure decree, Preserves His children while at sea, Who gives His sons in Christ to grow Thy providence conforms them so With joyful hearts and patient trust We love Thee on the TEXAS. EMC Pat Sullivan, USN


SHIPS OF THE LOGISTICS FORCE: Make strong, O God, SYLVANIA's crew That all of us may trust in you. And when we're needed, we'll be there To serve the Fleet by sea and air. Lord, guide this crew away from sin, And bless the loved ones of these men. HN John Leggett, USN USS SYLVANIA (AFS-2) Creator Father, grant, we pray, To those who serve both night and day. Who stretch their rigs across the sea To service ships were e'er they be O bless their efforts cross the foam And bring them ever safely home. Robert M. Hale LCDR, CHC, USN


SUBMARINE Lord God, our power ever more, Whose arm doth reach the ocean floor, Divine with our men beneath the sea; Traverse the depths protectively. O hear us when we pray, and keep Them safe from peril in the deep. CDR. D. B. Miller, USN

Lord, guard and guide the men who man The submatines that guard our land. Be with them always night and day, In quiet depths or roaring spray. O hear us when we cry to Thee, For those in peril on the sea. Unknown bless those who serve beneath the deep, Through lonely hours their vigil keep. May peace their mission ever be! Protect each one, we ask of Thee. Bless those at home who wait and pray For their return by night and day. Reverend Gale R. Williamson


SUPPLY O God, our Father, grant we ask, To all who train for greater tasks, The skill and insight to inquire, The faith and courage to inspire, And strength to open every door With service through our Supply Corps. Ray Burley


THANKSGIVING Join us now as we give thanks, For all you've done among our ranks, You've brought great blessing to us here; Good food, good friends, and famly dear, Grant us from your throne above, The faith and grace to share our love. Fred Thompson


U.S.MARINE CORPS Eternal Father, grant, we pray, To all Marines, both night and day, The courage, honor, strength, and skill Their land to serve, Thy law fulfill; Be Thou the shield forevermore From ev'ry peril to the Corps. LCDR James E. Seim, CHC, USN Eternal Father, Divine, Protector of all mountain clime, In summer, winter, cold or heat May we the challenge always meet. Be with us and the troops we train And may eternal life we gain. LCDR W. G. Perdue CHC, USNR


U. S. MERCHANT SERVICE Lord stand beside the men who sail Our merchant ships in storm and gale. In peace and war their watch they keep On every sea, on thy vast deep. Be with them, Lord, by night and day; For Merchant Mariners we pray. Wynne McClintock (Wife of former Superintendent VADM, Gordon McClintock, USMS)


VETERANS HOME HYMN Almighty God in heaven above Who reaches out with arms of love, We veterans bow before your throne To worship you and make you known. O hear us as we seek your grace For all who here have found a place. Minda Gaff and Portia Griswold


WAVES O Mighty Power, protect the Waves Whose efforts aid this land to save; O guide their willing hands ashore, Supply them from Thy bounteous store, Inspire their lives that they may be Examples fair for those at sea. Unknown



the Navy Hymn - The Allied Merchant Navy

ETERNAL FATHER STRONG TO SAVE (101 Verses -- more or less) (Additional verses to the original Navy Hymn) 1 Collected & Published by William E. Tayl...

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