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Terms & Conditions for empanelment of doctor for Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics: 1.

The project of AAMCs to be managed through empanelled doctors shall be under overall supervision and monitoring of CDMOs who are mandated to lead the project. All decisions of the CDMOs are binding upon the empanelled doctors.


The empanelled doctor is expected to manage the AAMC as a Family Friendly Primary Care OPD and maintain it as a high quality centre befitting the qualifications of the empanelled doctor.


The empanelment of doctors is valid only for one year or till appointment of regular doctors for the clinics, whichever is earlier. Any extension shall be solely as per decision of Government.


The empanelled doctor will be given appropriate remuneration as per patient basis and shall receive the payment by the 10th day of the next month.


The doctors will be free to opt for the area of posting in the clinic as per their residential address, subject to availability of requirement. The doctors are also free to opt for the venue of the interview as per their conveniance.


The continuation of empanelment of doctors is subject to review of performance against parameters approved by the Government.


No emoluments are associated with the empanelment and payment to the empanelled doctor computed on basis of patients attended shall accrue only after the work is found satisfactory, on monthly basis.


The empanelled doctor shall not be entitled to any allowances, perks, bonus, medical reimbursement etc. relating to the empanelment period.


The Empanelled doctor shall not be entitled to any leave during the project period. In case the doctor is unable to attend to the clinic on a given day or days, he /she shall inform the CDMO concerned well in time and at least one day in advance for making alternate arrangements. The keys to the clinic shall have to be handed over by the doctor to the CDMO for this purpose.


If an empanelled doctor is found to be absent on more than three consecutive days whithout any valid reason, then the empanelment may be cancelled and decision of CDMO shall be final in the matter.


The empanelled doctor may be deputed to any of the AAMC in Delhi. After deployment, the CDMO may change the place of deployment keeping in view the requirement and empanelled doctor shall be mandated to attend the changed clinic as directed. Only one request for change of location shall be permitted to the empanelled doctor during the period of empanelment and decision of CDMO in this matter shall be final.


The empanelled doctor is allowed to undertake private practice after the AAMC hours at any other location. Services at AAMC are free for patients and referral of patients from AAMC to any other location where any expense related to health care may be incurred by the patient is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the same may lead to cancellation of the empanelment and decision of CDMO shall be final in this matter. However, the doctors are free to refer patients, only if required, to any nearby Govt. Hospitals/Polyclinics.


The timings of the AAMC shall be 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM from Monday to Saturday, Sunday will be weekly off. The Doctor empanelled at AAMC shall be responsible for opening the clinic every day, maintaining it clean and closing it securely at end of day. In case the work load in the AAMC is heavy, the timings can be extended after intimation to the concerned CDMOs.


The patient profile at AAMC shall be regularly monitored by team deputed by the CDMO.


The records of patients which are examined shall be maintained in proper register till an internet connected electronic tab based protocol is in place. Upon completion of the period of empanelment the tab and associated peripherals shall be returned by the empanelled doctor to the CDMO. The items should be maintained clean and fully functional and any damage to them shall be the responsibility of the doctor concerned. However, till such time, the tab is provided, the doctors shall use OPD slips as prescriptions. Monthly reports on the number of patients reported in the clinic alongwith the relevant details need to be submitted by the doctor to CDMO, in prescribed format by the end of the first week of consecutive month.


If the doctor examines more than 60 patients at the AAMC on any given day, then patient profile may be audited in detail. If the patient attendance goes over 150 at any clinic on any given day, then the CDMO may undertake design changes in the management of the clinic(s) and empanelled doctor(s) shall have to abide by the new terms and conditions.


At the AAMC, medicines shall be prescribed and dispensed by the Doctor him/herself. Any minor dressing or procedure shall also be carried out by the doctor independently.


The empanelled doctor working at the AAMC shall be reporting to nearby Delhi Govt. Dispensary for replenishing the pharmacy/other consumables at regular intervals or as and when required. This may be done at bimonthly interval. CDMOs may link each AAMC to a nearby Delhi Govt. Dispensary for the purpose.


The empanelled doctor shall maintain a register for OPD registration of the patients till such time, the tab is provided to him/her.


The doctor shall also keep a register for the patients to report their satisfaction level or complaints, as a Public Grievance Monitoring Mechanism.


The empanelled doctor working at the AAMC is required to also do minor procedures like wound dressings etc which comes under General Practice.


The empanelled doctor working at the AAMC shall abide by Bio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2016 and Regulations as modified from time to time. The material and support in this regard shall be provided by the CDMO concerned.


The CDMO reserves the right to terminate empanelment of any person without assigning any reason after giving one week’s advance notice. The empanelled doctor may withdraw from empanelment only after one month notice period counted from the date of intimation of withdrawal to the CDMO.


If it is discovered at any stage that the empanelled doctor has furnished any wrong information or documents, based on which the empanelment was made, the CDMO reserves the right to terminate the empanelment besides taking recourse to other legal proceedings.


The doctors will not have any liability towards payment of bills for electricity and water which shall rest upon the concerned CDMO.


The doctors shall be solely responsible for any misconduct, damage, willfull commission or omission of any services which are not listed in this agreement or any thing which goes against the spirit of free, fare and ethical practice of patient care.


The doctors shall behave politily with patients and their attendents and shall not conduct himself to any type of misbehaviour with patients or any other person responsible for health care services in the clinic.


If the doctor agrees to the Terms & Conditions, a letter of Empanelment shall be given and doctor shall be expected to take over the designated clinic within three days. This period may be extended by the CDMO and decision of CDMO in the matter shall be final.


Terms & Conditions for empanelment of doctor for Aam - Delhi.Govt

Terms & Conditions for empanelment of doctor for Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics: 1. The project of AAMCs to be managed through empanelled doctors shall be...

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