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We provide contract chromatographic and mass spectrometric analysis (HPLC/MS) of pharmaceuticals (both traditional drugs and biotechnology products, such as proteins and peptides and oligonucleotides) and forensic toxicology, including fentanyl, THC, tryptamines, and other forensic testing and testimony. We now offer assays for certain antibiotics (cephalosporins and aminoglycosides) and the insecticides Fipronil and Ivermectin. We develop stability-indicating assays, including degradant identification, for the pharmaceutical industry. We also provide therapeutic drug monitoring for several less-common drugs, such as Taxol, Doxorubicin, Tacrolimus, rapamycin ( Sirolimus.), Temsirolimus, and Everolimus. Everything that we do is centered about and united by chemical testing. We offer HPLC/MS/MS, HPLC/PDA, GC/MS/MS, FT/IR, Dissolution, and Stability Testing. We are FDA registered and inspected, follow cGLP protocols, and are CLIA certified. We also are certified by the Colorado Department of Health to perform clinical and forensic toxicology testing. We also have a number of LCMSMS analyses for antibiotics, such as cephapirin, amoxicillin, and vancomycin. We provide both clinical and pre-clinical method development and performance. Download link for our Request For Analysis form in PDF format. Robert K. Lantz, Ph.D. and Patricia L. Sulik, Ph.D. are the directors of RML. They may be contacted at 970-266-8108 (voice) or 303-530-1169 (voice and FAX).

WHO WE ARE (THE MANAGEMENT) & THE LABORATORY HISTORY & CAPABILITIES, the new laboratory building. PHARMACEUTICAL ANALYSIS (SMALL MOLECULES, PEPTIDES, PROTEINS, & OLIGONUCLEOTIDES) FORENSIC TESTING (TOXICOLOGY AND DRUGS, POSTMORTEM ANALYSIS, FENTANYL, SEROLOGY, GSR (Gunshot residue), FIRE DEBRIS) Peptide synthesis and product development support is available through our extensive network of independent laboratories and consultants. CONTROLLED RELEASE FORMULATION Several of our clients have developed many successful controlled release oral dosage formulations on contract for major pharmaceutical companies. Controlled release products can have much superior activity and toxicity profiles. If this is of interest to you, please contact us so that we may assist you in finding the appropriate experts. If you would like to suggest other sites of scientific and/or forensic interest, call or write us.

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES AT RMIL FORENSIC SITES OF INTEREST: FINDLAW, DUI-LAW, DUIPRO, LawCrawler, LAWGURU , EBLEGAL, James Forslund (CO DUI atty.), Kapsack and Blair (CA DUI firm), Edward Kuwatch (DUI expert), M. Riddle (DUI/DRE atty.), DUICenter, Lawrence Taylor, CaliforniaDUI, Robert Gustafson (CO DUI attorney), Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Am. Acad. Forensic Sci., (site needs to be improved), Forensic Science Society (excellent journal), Alan Barbour (excellent source), Zeno's Forensic Page (many good links, but loads slowly), Kim Kruglick (CA Death Penalty Atty.), FAMM Families Against Mandatory Minimums (Good information on Federal and state drug sentencing.), USSC United States Sentencing Commission (Federal Sentencing Guidelines and information), FJC Federal Judicial Center (many useful publications and Federal information) U.S. Supreme Court (Northwestern University site), VCL Voluntary Committee of Lawyers (Justice concerns regarding the "Drug War", including opinions by Federal Justices) NCDD National College for DUI Defense NACDL National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Very Good site.) CCDB Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Colorado Bar Association (many good links), Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, Boulder (Colorado) Defense Bar, ABA Am. Bar Assn. (not very useful), IDEX (List of plaintiff experts) TRIODYNE (Site for obtaining transcripts of expert testimony) Jeff Flax' site (Excellent site, with an enormous number of forensic links. Quite complete. One of the very best legal sites we have found.) Hieros Gamos (legal links), Martindale Hubbell, West Legal Directory, Federal Document Clearing House (transcripts of TV and radio programs, NOT a government function) Seamless Legal (Legal research links), ILRG (Internet Legal Resource Guide), ICADTS (International Council on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety) T95 conference papers Los Angeles P.D. DRE site, Colorado DOT DRE site (Includes links to other DRE sites and the CDOT main site), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), SCRI Southern California Research Institute (Drs. Burns & Moskowitz) APRI American Prosecutors Research Institute and National Traffic Law Center, ACLU American Civil Liberties Union (No irony is meant by the placement here), Heritage Foundation, Think tank. EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation (Legal and philosophical issues in modern communication), Drug information library, Lycaeum Drug information, Addictions Addiction Information, Stopdrugs Drug abuse information (primarily government information), Scientific Working Group on Drugs (scientific site - useful information), Hyperreal Scientific and non-scientific drug information, The Lindesmith Center (Drug policy reform) Many useful links regarding drug policy. Harm Reduction (Objective information on drug use and abuse), Drug Library (many links to drug and alcohol studies), EROWID (Psychoactive drugs), ToxicologyOnline (Tox links) Washburn University law library (This is probably the best set of forensic and legal links in a single site), Junkscience (Generally good science, not the politically correct sort), CATO Institute, The National Review, The New Republic, Forensic Evidence (Excellent source of legal information on Daubert, etc.) · PHARMACEUTICAL & CHEMICAL SITES OF INTEREST: · · MEDLINE (National Library of Medicine, The Ninth Wonder of the World), · SCIRUS, (scientific search engine -- very interesting and useful) · Am. Assn. of Pharm. Scientists (AAPS), · Am. Assn. for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), · European Union Medications (EU equivalent of the FDA) · European Union Information · Parenteral Drug Association. (PDA), (Pharmaceutical science and manufacturing technology) · USP United State Pharmacopeial Convention, · ABC American Botanical Council, · ASP American Society of Pharmacognosy, · ACG American College of Gastroenterology · BioOnline (Biotechnology links), · BioTechniques (free subscription, excellent articles, many bio links), · Bioscience Directory, ·, · CATO Research (Many pharmaceutical links), · DRUGS (Drugs. Com; information site), · Euroseek (European information resources), · PharmaceuticalOnline (links to pharmaceutical sites, not especially useful), · Pharmweb (Many pharmaceutical information links), · Pharmcentral, · RxList Drug information, with a very large number of links, · Pharmacology2000, (Excellent university course site.) · Pharmacology Online, (Very useful source of databases), · ICH (International Commission on Harmonization -- international version of FDA), · INFOMED (Professional pharmaceutical information and resources of high quality) · WebMD Many good links and information on drugs and disease, · MedSite Navigator (medical information), · MSDS Search (MSDS from many chemical suppliers) · Am. Soc. Mass Spec. (ASMS), · FASEB Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (Contains links to many biology and biotechnology organizations and sites, including the Protein Society, the American Peptide Society, ABRF, and the Physiological Society), · SpectroscopyNow (Successor to Murray's Mass Spec page), · Human Molecular Genetics (Denmark - useful information and links) · BioSpace (supplier lists and links, only moderately useful), · SciQuest (useful supplier lists),, · Chemistry Links (University of Liverpool; very good set of chemistry links) · Chemindustry (many chemistry links), · ChemCenter, · CHEMWEB, · BIO BioTechnology Industry Organization (The major trade organization for commercial biotechnology), · ACS American Chemical Society, · ASM American Society for Microbiology, · AACC American Association for Clinical Chemistry, (Journal access), · ACP American College of Physicians (Annals of ACP) · NEJM New England Journal of Medicine · ChemConnect (many chemistry links), · FACCS Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies, · Amazon (online book store), · Barnes and Noble (online book store), · MedScape (professional medical information resources), · BioSupplyNet (biological suppliers information links, very good source of info), · GenWeb (links to biotechnology sites), · VIP Validation In Partnership (GLP validation information and links), · NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information (Part of NIH, biotech databases). · ASMA Aerospace Medical Association, · ABRF Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (academic facilities, not cGLP, good info), · PROMEGA Corp. (Molecular Biology reagents) · SERI Serological Research Institute · DGG Dissolution Testing Discussion Group (frighteningly boring, unless you do dissolution testing), · VanKel (Dissolution testing equipment manufacturer), · Dr. Science (science humor - yes, that is possible), · Junkscience web site -- very interesting, not politically correct pseudoscience, · QuackWatch (not about ducks), · Virtual Hospital (University of Iowa School of Medicine, many excellent pages, sometimes hard to locate in site), · Mayo Clinic (Mayo health) · Guide to Digital Science and Medicine, · EUREKA EurekAlert: site managed by the Am. Assn. for the Advancement of Science, · Deja News (news groups for everything) · WHO World Health Organization, · Public Libraries (Links to many US public libraries), · Library Spot (US public library access), · University of Bonn (Poison Central), · Michigan State University Chemistry Department · Colorado State University · Colorado State University Laboratory Animal Resources (Pharmacokinetics) · University of Colorado · Harvard · Harvard BioLinks · Cornell University (Botany, including poisonous plants) · U Mass Amherst (Molecular biology resources), · University of Leeds (Toxicology site), · Human Genome Research (University of Aarhus, Denmark - many excellent links, including EMBL, FEBS) · Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (biotech & computing info), · ChemQuik (Chemical safety information; MSDS database), · Mass Spectral Interpretation information (Lutefisk), · New Objective (ESI parts), · Protana (MS nanospray nebulizer manufacturer -- good products and information) · Applied Biosystems (DNA, SciEx mass spectrometers), · VARIAN (Varian Associates, manufacturers of chromatography and MS instrumentation), · HP MUSEUM (Older HP calculator and computers, parts, etc. ), · Hewlett Packard · Galactic (SW for spectroscopy), · SIS (Scientific Instrument Services, MS supplies and repair parts), · Palisade (Wiley NBS MS database and MS data translation SW, excellent products) · HD Science (MS S/W and publications) · AAFS Mass Spectral Database, · Pike Technology (IR accessory mfgr.), · Laboratory Compliance (FDA compliance information and links) · Perkin-Elmer Corp. (IR, UV/Vis instruments and supplies), · Nicolet Instruments (FT/IR and Raman), · MIDAC (IR instrumentation manufacturer), · SpectraTech (IR accessory manufacturer and distributor), · MTEC (Photoacoustic Spectroscopy), · Chromex (Raman instrumentation), · Optimize Technologies (HPLC repair parts and columns), · Harvard Apparatus, (equipment) · Phenomenex (SPE and HPLC supplies) · Waters Corp. (HPLC manufacturer), · Western Analytical Products (HPLC distributor -- the owner is very helpful and knows HPLC well) · HPLC SUPPLY (Western Analytical Products e-commerce site. VERY good) · Sonntek (Replacement D2 Lamps, reasonable prices), · Millipore Corp. (Filtration and ZipTips for protein & peptide sample preparation), · ACD Advanced Chemical Development (Great chemical software for drawing and spectroscopy), · Thru-put Systems (chromatography S/W; we have not yet tried the products) · Horizon Press (many biotechnology links), · BioTechniques Magazine (many biotechnology links and sources) · LABX (used equipment site), · EBAY (used equipment site), · Ziff-Davis publications (PC Magazine, MacWorld, etc.), · Spectroscopy Magazine (links to spectroscopy sites), · SpectroscopyNow (J. Wiley integrated spectroscopy site), · SeparationsNow (J. Wiley integrated separations site -- excellent), · LCGC Magazine (excellent source for chromatography and FDA information), · Atomic Structure, · Metabolic Pathways, · Cardiology Today, · R&D Magazine,. · Larimer County, Colorado BioScience, · Science Daily (Current science topics) .

SEARCH ENGINES & LOCATORS: Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, MedScape, HotBot, InfoSeek, LinkStar, Ask Jeeves, Scirus, Google,, SNAP, Megasearch, Planetclick, Teoma, ASK, USWEST MSN, MAPQUEST, Martindale Hubbell (legal locator), Essential Links Many links to a wide variety of sites Travelocity (travel information) DOGPILE (very useful site of sites) NETWORK SOLUTIONS (URL provider)

Federal Government Sites: Food & Drug Administration, European Union (EU equivalent to FDA) NTIS- National Technical Information Service - (excellent source of government technical publications), USSC United States Sentencing Commission Medline National Library of Medicine, NIDA National Institute on Drug Abuse (Part of NIH) GPO US Government Printing Office, CDC Centers for Disease Control, Patents (IBM site which has all U.S. patents since 1971), PTO U.S. Government Patent & Trademark Office, NIST National Institute of Science and Technology (NBS), (spectral databases for MS, IR, and other techniques), Library of Congress, National Archives, CIA Central Intelligence Agency (An interesting source of international information -- very interesting), EPA U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, NSS National Standards System NACIC U.S. Government counter intelligence site (economic), NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Thomas Government records (THOMAS, includes Congressional hearing schedules, very large and useful), IRS HCFA Healthcare Finance Administration -- (information on clinical laboratories) InfoMine Government and non-government information NCI National Cancer Institute LEBC Laboratory for Experimental and Computational Biology (part of NCI) SEC Securities Exchange Commission NASDAQ NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information (Biotechnology data bases). Commerce Department, Workplace, NTP National Toxicology Program (NIH) NCTR National Center for Toxicology Research (FDA) NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NIAAA National Institute on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse and ETOH database.

OTHER USEFUL SITES: Version Tracker (Mac SW updates), Ziff-Davis Publications (Mac World, etc.) ILA, International Llama Association, Bike Nashbar (bicycle parts and volleyball goods), SB2000 (business information), Apple Computer, MacOutlet (Good range of Mac items, including SCSI cards, etc.) ADAPTEC (SCSI cards, etc.) Computer Shopper. Access Micro (Good prices on memory) MacZone and PCZone (Computer supplies) PBS Public Broadcasting System ARTCHIVE Visual arts collections ONSALE (Excellent prices on computer stuff. Utterly NO support or information.) UPS (UPS Tracking) Genealogy (U.S. - GenWeb) GardenWeb (Gardening, what else?) Gardeners, Burpee Seeds, Botanical Interests, ChemistryStore (silicones and other industrial chemicals), Colorado State University Extension Service (VERY good site), Cheyenne Frontier Days, Colorado Department of Public Health, City of Ft. Collins Denver Post Steamboat Springs, (Ski town; did you think that Colorado was on the Mississippi?) Cookie Recipes, Discover (Magazine, etc.) FORBES, Heritage Foundation,

Contact us at: e-mail: rklantz at (We have removed the direct link to decrease SPAM) Telephone: (970) 266-8108 VOICE (303) 530-1169 FAX & VOICE ROCKY MT. INST. LABS. 108 Coronado Ct., Ft. Collins, CO 80525

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Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories


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