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RELEASE NOTES TRIMBLE SURVEY GNSS FIRMWARE Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.81 (July 2013) Requirements This firmware version includes improvements to the Survey Receiver firmware. It is considered a minor revision. This requires a valid firmware support agreement of:  April 2013 or later for all support models NOTE: For best results, users should upgrade to Trimble Access 2013.10 when using Receiver Firmware version 4.81.

Supported GNSS Receivers The following table identifies the Survey GNSS receivers supported by this revision.

Trimble R10 Trimble R8 Model 4 Trimble R8 Model 3 Trimble R8 Model 2 Trimble R8 Model 1 Trimble R6 Model 4 Trimble R6 Model 3 Trimble R6 Model 2 Trimble R6 Model 1 Trimble R4 Model 3 Trimble R4 Model 2 Trimble R4 Model 1 Trimble 5800 Model 1

● ● ● ● ● ● ● -





● ● ● -

Trimble R7 Model 2 Trimble R7 Model 1 Trimble R5 Trimble 5700 Model 2 Trimble 5700 Model 1 Receiver





Trimble GeoXR Trimble R3


Survey Division, 10355 Westmoor Drive, Suite #100, Westminster, CO 80021, USA © 2013, Trimble Navigation Limited. All rights reserved. Trimble and the Globe & Triangle logo are Trademarks of Trimble Navigation Limited registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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Version 4.81 Release Notes The release notes describe the added features and improvements made to Trimble Survey GNSS receiver firmware. Issue




 Enhancements to support for the BeiDou Satellite Constellation5 o BeiDou B1 and B2 signals



 Implemented new OmniSTAR HP library v6.27


 Added Repeater functionality to the Trimble R10 receiver with 450 MHz radio





R72 R63 ●5


R44 ●5

One Repeater support

 Added ability to enable/disable the DNS Proxy o

Check box for enable/disable DNS Proxy is now available in the Network Configuration>DNS Configuration WebUI page

 Fixed some minor issues with T02 file conversions from the WebUI. o

KMZ file conversion for Google Earth


RINEX conversion


Position (Graph) from Data File listing

 Fixed a minor issue with upgrading firmware over the Internet

1 R8 Model 4, R8 Model 3 2 R7 Model 2 3 R6 Model 4, R6 Model 3 4 R4 Model 3, R4 Model 2 5 BeiDou support is available in the R8 Model 4, R6 Model 4 and R4 Model 3 only. BeiDou support is standard in the R8 Model 4 receiver. A BeiDou upgrade is required for BeiDou support in the R6 Model 4 and R4 Model 3 receivers. See your Sales Representative for more information about BeiDou upgrades for the R6 Model 4 and R4 Model 3. The R8 Model 3, R6 Model 3 and R4 Model 2 are not upgradeable to BeiDou support.

Before you update the receiver, download and backup any data files that are on the receiver.

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Download information The latest version of Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware can be downloaded from the Trimble website within the support page of each supported receiver. 1. Go to 2. Click on the Support & Training link in the blue banner at the top of the page. 3. Click on Support A-Z List on the drop-down menu. 4. Find your receiver on the list of supported products. Hint: Click on the associated first character of your receiver type. All survey receivers full under “T” for “Trimble XX Receiver”. 5. Click on the link for your receiver type. 6. Click on the Downloads link. 7. The latest firmware version should be located at the top of the page. 8. Click on the link to the latest version, in this case version 4.71. 9. Your browser will begin downloading the latest Winflash utility installer that contains your firmware. 10. At this point you can save the Winflash installer to a local folder or click on Run (Open) to begin installing the utility. Note: You may need to accept some security warnings based on your computer configuration.

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Installing Winflash utility At this point you will continue from the last step above or if you have saved the downloaded Winflash utility, you must navigate to the folder that contains the file and click on WFC-Rx-5x-v464v471.exe. 1. The Winflash installer will start. Click on the Next button. 2. Read the License Agreement and click on Yes to accept the terms. 3. At this point the Winflash installer will try to detect any previous versions of Winflash on your system a. If the Winflash installer detected a previous version of Winflash on your computer, it will display the current Winflash folder in use. Click on Next. b. If the Winflash installer does not detect a previous version of Winflash on your computer, it will ask you to accept the default folder for Winflash. If you do not want to use the default location then: i. Click on the Browse… button and navigate to the desired folder location you would like to use. ii. Click Ok to accept the new location. iii. Click on Next to continue. iv. Select the Program Folder location for the program icon, and then click on Next. 4. Winflash installer will now install all required files to run the Winflash utility. 5. The Winflash installer will now ask if you want to register Winflash. You have three options: a. Register via the Internet (web access required) b. Register by Fax or Mail. Selecting this option will open a document. Complete the document and fax or mail to Trimble. c. Register Later. 6. The Winflash installation is now complete.

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Loading new Firmware Use the Winflash utility to install the latest firmware on your Trimble GNSS receiver. 1. Click on the Winflash icon added to the Start menu on your computer. 2. Click on the Device type (receiver group) for your receiver type. 3. Click on the PC serial port drop down menu to select the serial port your receiver is connected to. 4. Click on the Next button. 5. From the Operations list box, click on the Load GPS software operation. 6. Click on the Next button. 7. Click on the Available Software for you receiver and the firmware you just downloaded. If you have installed firmware before, the firmware versions are still available in the listing. 8. Click on the Next button. 9. The next screen shows the current settings and actions to be taken by the Winflash utility. 10. Click on the Finish button. 11. Winflash will now load the latest firmware onto your receiver. This procedure can take several minutes. If the firmware loads correctly, then click on the Exit button.

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Loading the USB Driver This version of Winflash now includes the USB driver necessary to connect the Trimble R10 and Trimble R7/R5 Survey receiver with USB to your computer. Your PC will assign a COM port as your USB connection. Once you have installed Winflash, the USB Driver installer is found in the Program Files\Common Files\Trimble\USB Driver1 folder. Follow the steps below to install the USB Driver. 1. Using Windows Explorer (or equivalent), navigate to the Program Files\Common Files\Trimble\USB Driver1 folder on your computer. 2. Double click on the Win7_USB_Installer.exe file in the folder. A Device Driver Installation Wizard dialog box will open. Note: If you are running Windows 7 64-bit, you will see a second dialog box, which automatically loads the 64-bit USB driver. 3. Click on the Next button if the installation wizard to continue. 4. The USB Driver will install and present you will and dialog showing the USB drivers that were installed. Click the Finish button. 5. The USB Driver is now installed. Note: The Windows 7 64-bit USB driver will complete its installation. 6. Plug the USB cable into the USB port of the R7 or R5, and then plug the other end into your computer. Your computer will find the device and assign a COM Port for the USB connection. A message is displayed in the Taskbar indicating which COM port the USB is assigned to. 1

For Windows 7 users, the USB Driver folder is located in Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Trimble\USB Driver

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release notes - NEI GPS

RELEASE NOTES TRIMBLE SURVEY GNSS FIRMWARE Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware Version 4.81 (July 2013) Requirements This firmware version includes improveme...

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