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ICT-36 PCP open to all areas of public interest requiring new ICT based solutions

Vasilleios Tsanidis European Commission DG CNECT Innovation Unit (F2)

What is Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP)? Why is different from the Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) ? Public sector is faced with important challenges. To tackle these challenges often public sector transformations are needed. - In many cases, solutions are close to the market and would be provided if clear requirements/sufficient demand expressed by the market. R&D is not required and the Public Sector acts as launch customer – seal of approval (PPI) - In other cases, R&D is required to de-risk technology, still competing solution approaches to compare before committing to large scale deployment. The solution seeked lies beyond the state of the art, there is no available solution on the market yet and therefore R&D is required to be developed (PCP) 2

Innovation Procurement = PCP + PPI



PCP to steer the development of solutions towards concrete public sector needs, whilst comparing/validating alternative solution approaches from various vendors PPI to act as launching customer / early adopter / first buyer of innovative commercial end-solutions newly arriving on the market


WHY PCP? - support the enhancement - at a lower cost - of the quality and efficiency of public services with breakthrough solutions. - encourage public bodies around Europe to work together on new ICT based solutions that can respond to concrete public sector needs. - address issues of common European interest especially where interoperability and coherence of solutions across borders is required, cross-border cooperation can help better. - support European research activities as the majority of R&D should take place in Europe 4

ICT 36 call – Passport • Funding: Total budget ICT-36: €4M • (1 PCP Cofund action expected) • Project duration: No min/max predefined • Deadline submission proposals ICT-36: 14 April 2015


Objectives /Scope of the ICT 36 call - Joint pre-commercial procurement by group of public procurers in any area of public interest with shared need for ICT based solution - Open to proposals requiring improvements on 1 ICT technology field & end-to-end solutions needing combinations of various ICT technologies -Modernization of public services whilst opening opportunities for industry & researchers to take international leadership in new markets 6

What is covered / Who can participate PCP Co-fund actions cover • • • •

A. Preparation Stage Networking activities, Preparation of the tender docs etc B. Execution Stage Joint PCP procurement and implementation of the PCP contracts

Who can participate •

- The buyers group (required)

• • • • • •

- The lead procurer (required) - Other entities (e.g end-users, certification bodies) that add value to the action and whose participation is well justified (possible) - Other beneficiaries that do not participate in the buyers group but assist the procurers in the networking/coordination activities (possible) •

Any public / private entity can participate as beneficiary provided that it won't • participate in the PCP execution as potential supplier 7

Participation requirement Minimum 3 independent participants from 3 different MS or AC, of which minimum 2 public procurers (buyers group) from 2 different MS or AC Public procurers are contracting authorities or contracting entities as defined by the EU public procurement directives

Buyers group & Lead procurer Buyers group Procurers that provide the financial commitments to undertake the PCP procurement. The procurers in the buyers group - shall be (the 'demand side') responsible for the acquisition and/or regulatory strategy for the targeted solutions - or shall be entities with a mandate from one or more of such procurers to act on their behalf in the joint procurement (e.g. central purchasing bodies) - or other types of procurers(e.g private, NGOs) that provide services of public interest and share the same procurement need. Sole participants can be also eligible if the minimum conditions are met by the legal entities forming the sole participant (e.g. European Research Infrastructure Consortia, European Groupings of Territorial Cooperation) Lead procurer Public procurer appointed by buyers group to lead and coordinate the PCP .Can be one of the procurers of the buyers group or another procurer in the project. 9

'ICT based solutions'. What is ICT?

ICT is pretty wide domain. ICT covers all Information and Communication Technologies such as: • • • • •

• • • • •

Components and systems: embedded ICT systems, minituarisation / system integration, advanced thin large organic and large area electronics Advanced computing (e.g. customised and low power computing) Future Internet (e.g. smart novel Internet architectures and experimentation platforms, optical and wireless network technologies, cloud computing infrastructure and services, tools and methods for software development, web entrepreneurship) Content technologies and information management (e.g. big data handling, content handling and modelling, automatic learning language translation systems, creative industries / social media ICTs, ICTs for learning / teaching and gaming, multimodal natural computer interaction) Robotics Micro- and nano electronics, cross-cutting ICT KETs, photonics (e.g. (O)LED lighting) High Performance computing Cybersecurity / trustworthy ICT 10 Human-centric ICT solutions

Expected Impact Reduced fragmentation of demand for innovative solutions, by enabling public procurers to collectively implement PCPs, in areas which due to their nature are better addressed jointly, or which they would not have been able to tackle independently

Increased opportunities for wide market uptake and economies of scale for the supply side through joint specifications, wide publication of results and where relevant contribution to standardisation regulation or certification to remove barriers for introduction of PCP innovations into the market


EU Contribution • Reimbursement rate direct costs: Max 70% of eligible costs for PCP cofund actions • Eligible direct costs to carry out eligible activities defined in WP include: - Price of the R&D services procured (if procurement conducted in compliance with requirements in Annex E WP) - Eligible coordination and networking activities - VAT is ineligible cost only for beneficiaries that can deduct it Requested reimbursement for coordination and networking activities can comprise max 30% of the total budget 12


Calls for PCP cofund actions in 2015

• ICT Work Program

(Call deadline: 14 April 2015)

ICT-24(d): Robotics in areas of public interest including healthcare (€ 5M)

ICT-8(a): Boosting public service productivity/services via cloud computing (€ 9M)

ICT-36: Call open to any area of public interest needing ICT based solutions (€ 4M)

• Health Work Program •

(Call deadline: 21 April 2015)

PHC-27: Selfmanagement of health and disease and patient enpowerment supported by ICT (€ 15M total, expected € 3-5M/proposal)

• Security Work Program(Call deadline: 27 August 2015) •

BES-3: Maritime border security: Light optionally piloted vehicles (and sensors) for maritime surveillance (no predefined total budget, expected € 5-12M/proposal)

• Research Infrastruct Work Program

(Call deadline: 21 April 2015)

INFRASUPP2(b): Scientific instrumentation for research infrastruct. (part of € 14M)

EINFRA8: Geant – novel telecom and Internet technologies (part of € 25M)


Calls for PPI cofund actions in 2015

• ICT Work Program

(Call deadline : 14 April 2015)

ICT-8(b): Boosting public service productivity/services via cloud computing (€ 12M)

ICT-20(d): ICT technologies for better human learning and teaching (€ 9M)

ICT-27(b): Photonics – software defined optical networking for faster broadband by public network operators e.g. National Research and Education Networks (€ 5M)

• Health Work Program •

(Call deadline: 21 April 2015)

PHC 29: eHealth services (€ 10M total, expected € 1-5M/proposal)

• Transport Work Program •

(Call deadline: 15 October 2015)

MG 8.3: Transport Infrastructure (€ 13M)

• Research Infrastruct Work Program •

(Call deadline: 21 April 2015)

INFRASUPP2(c): Scientific instrumentation for research infrastructure (part of € 14M)


Calls for Coordination and Support Actions in 2015

• Security Work Program

(Call deadline: 27 August 2015)

BES-11: Information management, systems and infrastructure for civilian EU External Actions (€ 1-2M expected/proposal, part of large call)

DRS-8: Interoperable next generation of broadband radio communication system for public safety and security (no predefined max budget)

• Research Infrastruct Work Program •

(Call deadline: 21 April 2015) INFRASUPP2 (a): Exploring future use of joint PCP and PPI in research infrastructure (part of € 14M call)

• Energy Work Program

(Call deadline: 4 June 2015)

EE 7: Enhancing the capacity of public authorities to plan, finance and implement sustainable energy plans & policies e.g. in buildings, mobility (no max total budget, part of big call, € 1,5/2M per project expected)

EE 17: Targeting min 25% higher-than available energy performance levels b) Preparing and supporting procurements by large buyers groups (no max total budget, part of big call, € 1,5/2M per project)

• ICT Work Program •

(Call deadline: 14 April 2015)

ICT-30(b): CSAs on Internet of things ecosystem / could address PCP (max € 1M, 2015) 16

For more detailed info on Innovation Procurement please visit the following link: • http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/innovation-procurement

• where you can also find the brochure on the PCP/PPI projects that are currently implemented under FP7 • http://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/innovation-procurementpower-public-purse •



PCP Open

HORIZON 2020 CALLS ON INNOVATION PROCUREMENT ICT-36 PCP open to all areas of public interest requiring new ICT based solutions Vasilleios Tsanidis E...

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