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Learn English The library offers many resources and classes to learn English.

At the library Talk Time - Talk Time is an informal conversation circle for non-native speakers to practice speaking English. This is not a class, but an opportunity to meet new people, share your culture and have fun. Only English will be spoken. Intercambios - Practice English or Spanish and help other learners in a friendly atmosphere. Participants speak half the time in each language. Beginners welcome. Practique inglés o español y ayude a los demás que están aprendiendo en un ambiente amable. Participantes hablan la mitad del tiempo en cada idioma. También los principiantes son bienvenidos. English Classes - You are invited to the free ESL Classes at the library. All levels are welcome and no registration is required. These classes are provided by Places-Things.


Local classes and tutors for English language learners Portland ESL Network - List of English classes in Portland area, organized by region. Portland Community College ESOL Mount Hood Community College ESL Clackamas Community College Portland Literacy Council Summary of other places/ways to learn English Resources for Tutors

Books and materials for learning English CDs DVDs Vocabulary Español: Cursos, Libros y gramáticas, DVDs, CDs Русский Ti ng Vi t TOEFL | TOEIC

Learn English online USA Learns - help using this website (PDF) - A free English course provided by the Department of Education of the United States. Please click on the word "Spanish" on the main page for instructions in Spanish. Un curso de inglés gratis proveído por el Departamento de Educación de los Estados Unidos. Haga 'clic' en la palabra "español" en la página principal para instrucciones en español. Pumarosa - Fast, fun and free to learn English. It was specially designed to help Spanish-speaking students with difficulties learning English. Método rápido, divertido y gratis para aprender inglés. Fue especialmente diseñada para ayudar a los estudiantes de habla hispana con dificultades para aprender inglés. Mango Languages – English as a second language (ESL) 100-lesson course.

Dictionaries Translate - Online translator for over 50 languages Bilingual online dictionaries Audio - Spoken dictionary, English and American pronunciations

Vocabulary FreeRice - Quiz yourself on what words mean Slang - American slang and idioms

Pronunciation Pronunciation for ESL Learners Sounds of English

Listening Conversations - Listen to everyday conversations Pulse of the Planet – Listen and read along

Grammar EnglishClub - grammar lessons with quizzes to check your understanding Eflnet - learn about and test yourself on common English grammar Related Reading List:

Learn English Need to learn English? The following books, DVDs and CDs are for English Language Learners (ELL, ESOL, ESL), from beginning to advanced levels.

Easy English Book Plus CD

English Phrase Common Book & CD American Phrases in... Book Plus CD

Spears, Richard A. Book

Perfecting your The New English... Oxford Picture... Cameron, Susan Book

Oxford Picture Dictionary

Parnwell, E. C.

Adelson-Goldstein, Jayme



Fluent English Book Plus CD

English Pronouns and...

English Vocabulary for...

Barron's English for...

Swick, Edward

Yates, Jean




Lacie, Christina


Learn English | Multnomah County Library

Learn English The library offers many resources and classes to learn English. At the library Talk Time - Talk Time is an informal conversation circle...

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