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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Data and Patient Portal Support Specialist Division: Community Health Center Immediate Supervisor: Director of Operations Bloodborne Pathogen Risk Classification: 3 Fair Labor Standards Act (Exempt Status): N/E Salary Schedule Pay Grade: 5 Created: November 12, 2015 As with any public sector employment, job descriptions, performance standards, and duties assigned are subject to change dependant on funding allocation and community expectations. Summary of Duties: 1. Champions the use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) by providing support to the Help Desk/EMR Administrator and the user community by assisting with the smooth operation of Greenway Primesuite EMR and Patient Portal systems. 2. Assist with implementing and supporting EMR/Patient Portal applications, data and information reporting, training and education, and end user support. 3. Supports EMR applications and responds to EMR help desk tickets within Greenway Primesuite. Troubleshoots problems, provides technical expertise and supports end users. 4. Assist with implementing modifications to the EMR application as requested by management or required by vendors. 5. Assist with EMR/Patient Portal training for new staff. 6. Builds and provides data reports in a timely manner when requested by management. 7. Responsible for generating regular monthly reports according to a schedule. 8. Assist with new EMR projects including coordinating the design, development and implementation of authorized projects. 9. Performs regular tests on systems associated with disaster recovery plans. 10. Supports users’ needs within Greenway Primesuite by creating consents, forms, and patient education materials, as well as provider templates within EMR. 11. Generates reports from EMR as requested by management staff.

12. Monitors Patient Portal messages updating patient account information, including demographics and insurance changes. Routes messages to other departments as needed. 13. Monitors and responds to Patient Portal help email regarding questions from patients and log-on reset requests. 14. Creates configurable Patient Portal messages for staff use for various patient requests. 15. Determines ongoing system needs and/or areas for improvement as it relates to functions of the EMR and Patient Portal systems within Greenway Primesuite. 16. Communicates with management regarding concerns and issues that affect the performance of these systems, the users’ experience, and services to the user community. 17. Creates, maintains, and distributes proper training manuals, guide and reference documentation as necessary. 18. Fulfills all compliance responsibilities related to the position. 19. Attends on-going vendor education meetings. 20. Performs other duties as required and/or assigned. Minimum Qualifications: Associate degree in a technical area; experience with computer systems and electronic medical records (EMR) or a combination of education and experience. Demonstrated proficiency in computer skills and experience with clinical workflows. Essential/Non-Essential Functions: Familiarity with medical terminology and processes. Proficiency in EMR. Strong organizational skills with accurate attention to detail. Excellent communication skills and the ability to multi-task. Outstanding customer service and interpersonal skills. Extensive use of terminals, PCs, and office equipment.

Prolonged periods of sitting in front of a terminal on a daily basis. Physical/Mental Attributes: Must be able to stand and manipulate office machines. Must be able to write and operate a keyboard. Must be able to lift and carry administrative equipment and supplies not to exceed twenty-five (25) pounds. Must be able to drive a vehicle. Must be efficient and able to organize and prioritize multiple tasks. Work well independently and as a team member. Handle assigned tasks with minimal supervision. Must demonstrate ability to develop professional relationships with community partners, and co-workers. Performance Standards: Performance will be measured in accordance with Knox County Health Department approved evaluation tool and established work performance standards.

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Data EHR Specialist - Knox County Health Department

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Data and Patient Portal Support Specialist Division: Community Health Center Immediate Supervisor: Director of Operat...

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