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Behavioral Health Benefits Behavioral Health Services for Alliance Medi-Cal Members The Alliance covers outpatient behavioral health services for Medi-Cal members with mild to moderate impairments. Beacon Health Options (Beacon) administers the behavioral health benefit. Mild to moderate behavioral health benefits include: • Individual and group mental health evaluation and treatment (psychotherapy) • Psychological testing (prior authorization required) • Medication support services for the purpose of monitoring drug therapy and psychiatric consultation, as needed The Alliance covers Behavioral Health Treatment (BHT) for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) for members between the ages of 3 and 21 (younger children must have a definitive diagnosis to be eligible for this benefit). This disorder is diagnosed through a Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation (CDE). Members diagnosed with ASD may be eligible for Applied Behavioral Analysis services to address this condition. Beacon also administers this benefit for the Alliance. The mild to moderate behavioral health network providers and BHT providers Beacon manages are part of the College Health IPA (CHIPA). Beacon provides care management services to: • Assist in local behavioral health care coordination to link members to services such as therapy and medication management, • Provide care coordination support between multiple agencies such as PCPs, county behavioral health agencies, hospital discharge coordinators, etc., • Support members as they transition between care provided by the county and care provided by Beacon providers, and • Support for members with a history of non-compliance by linking them to available community resources (food, shelter, transportation). A Beacon care management referral form and additional resources are available below in the Beacon Resources section of this page.

Role of the Primary Care Provider Alliance primary care providers (PCPs) are responsible for identifying the need for a behavioral health screening and referral to Beacon and/or County Behavioral Health. PCPs may refer within their practice for integrated behavioral health treatment or make a referral to Beacon if mild to moderate functional impairment is indicated. PCPs may refer to county mental health if severe functional impairment and/or substance use disorder treatment is indicated. Please click the link below for additional information on division of responsibilities between the Alliance/Beacon and county mental health departments. Division of Responsibilities To refer an Alliance member for behavioral health services, call Beacon's toll-free Access Line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at (855) 765-9700.

Beacon Health Options Resources • Beacon Website - Enter Plan Name: CCAH • PCP Referral and Resource Guide • PCP Referral Form • Care Management Referral and Resource Guide • Care Management Referral Form • PCP Decision Support Services Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) • Provider FAQs • Diagnostic Evaluation Form • Complete mChat Screening Checklist for ASD — Screening Form Only • Screening Guidelines for Autism in Primary Care • Diagnostic Evaluation Form • Complete mChat Screening Checklist for ASD — Screening Form Only • Screening Guidelines for Autism in Primary Care How to Become a Behavioral Health Provider with Beacon Health Options Beacon Health Options is an Alliance health partner that provides behavioral health services to Alliance Medi-Cal members. For information on how to become a Beacon provider, click here to complete a brief online form.

County Behavioral Health System Services (Inpatient, Outpatient, or Residential) Members that require more specialized behavioral health treatment and/or alcohol and drug abuse treatment may be referred to their county behavioral health department through their access service phone lines. The phone numbers are listed below for each county: Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health Access Monterey County Behavioral Health Access Merced County Behavioral Health Access (CARS)

(831)454-4170 or (800)952-2335 (888)258-6029 or (831)755-5505 (888)334-0163 or (209)381-6800

Click below to view additional county-specific information on behavioral health referral procedures and resources.

Monterey County Merced County Santa Cruz County Behavioral Health Services for Alliance Care In Home Supportive Services Inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance use disorder services provided in a participating hospital or on an outpatient basis to In-Home Supportive Services (Alliance Care IHSS) members are covered when care is performed by a participating mental health professional. Prior authorization is required for some services. To access these services, the member should call Beacon Health Options at (800) 808-5796 and identify him/herself as an Alliance member. There is no copayment associated with inpatient behavioral health services. A copayment may be required for outpatient behavioral health services.


Central California Alliance for Health - Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Benefits Behavioral Health Services for Alliance Medi-Cal Members The Alliance covers outpatient behavioral health services for M...

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