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BagoSphere Call Center Course

BagoSphere is a social enterprise vocational training company in the Philippines that trains highly motivated, rural, BoP youth to become employed in call centers, whereby their income is 4x higher than in unskilled jobs. 2011Philippines

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Location Data Negros Occidental & ManilaBago City & Metro ManilaPeri-Urban, Rural, Urban BagoSphere is a social enterprise vocational training center that provides skills training for highly talented and motivated rural, BoP youth in Bago, Philippines. The program targets high school graduates in particular, including youth that cannot find employment, cannot go to college, or have dropped out of college. BagoSphere is based in Bago City, where there exists a significant mismatch between youth's skills and the demands of the job market. BagoSphere seeks to bridge this mismatch through providing a comprehensive skills training program, to prepare rural youth for full-time jobs in call centers. BagoSphere employs a rigorous screening process to select highly talented youth (through an initial application process, a series of reading and listening tests, and in-person interviews). Selected youth are trained in the following skills: Call center competencies IT literacy Financial Knowledge Soft skills (speaking and listening skills) An important part of the model is the financial support of the students. During the 2-month training program itself, students are provided with transportation allowance, free stationery, and course materials. BagoSphere works with micro-finance partners such as Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF), the top 6th MFI in the Philippines to offer special micro-loans to students. Following the completion of their training, students gain employment in established IT-BPO call centers and companies, and begin to pay their tuition fees through monthly installments to the MFI. The tuition to BagoSphere is paid upfront and call centers also pay BagoSphere a commisssion fee per hire. The potential for growth is significant given that in 2010, the Philippines overtook India as the largest call-center location in the world, and that by 2016, 800,000 direct BPO jobs are expected to be created in the Philippines.

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