Job Description



Job  Description   Finance  and  Human  Resources  Manager   1.  

Context  of  the  Role  


Job  Purpose    


Key  Competencies  

The  Finance  and  Human  Resources  Manager  is  responsible  for  managing  the  FSDZ  Finance  and  Human   Resources  teamwork.  This  position  reports  to  the  Head  of  Operations.  

The  Finance  and  Human  Resources  Manager  will  be  responsible  for  overseeing  the  financial  management   and  human  resources  management  of  FSDZ.  S/he  will  provide  guidance  to  all  staff  on  all  FSDZ  financial  and   HR  matters.      

Planning  &  Coordination  


Communication   Team  Management  

Contract  management  

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Policy  formulation  

Financial  acumen  

Resource  control  

Administration   Negotiation  

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Ability  to  coordinate  well  with  technical  and  operational  staff   Ability  to  monitor  and  keep  on  track  all  financial  and  human  resources  activities   Excellent  financial  and  HR  planning  skills   Attention  to  detail   Superb  task  planning  –  deadline  and  budget  oriented   Thoroughness  in  overseeing,  implementing,  and  revising  procedures  and  policies  as   appropriate   Ability  to  act  in  an  advisory  role  on  matters  relating  to  finance  and  HR  compliance   Strong  compliance  approach  to  FSDZ  policies  and  procedures   Strong  communicator  with  excellent  written,  oral  and  presentation  skills   Good  emotional  intelligence  in  engaging  with  staff,  market  players,  and  managers   Skilled  team  manager  and  team  player   Demonstrated  leadership  skills   Able  to  capacity  build  finance  and  HR  staff   Hands  on  management  style   Can  lead  effectively  by  example   Understanding  of  the  principles  and  practices  of  contracting  -­‐  bidding,  evaluation   and  selection,  legal  frameworks,  deliverables,  timeframes,  payment  and  closing  out   Ability  to  ensure  effective  financial  tracking  and  closing  of  contracts   Developing,  maintaining  and  implementing  financial  and  operational  policies  and   procedures   Developing,  maintaining  and  implementing  HR  policies  and  procedures   Ability  to  develop,  monitor  and  manage  budgets  and  forecasts   High  level  knowledge  of  transactional  finance,  payroll,  budgeting  and  forecasting   Knowledge  of  bank  checking,  reconciliations,  cost  control   Knowledge  of  donor  financial  reporting   Competent  management  of  the  finance  function   Understanding  and  experience  in  managing  HR  costs   Effective  in  allocation  of  resources  to  support  technical  teams   Ability  to  ensure  efficient,  effective  financial  and  HR  management   Ability  to  delegate  and  mentor  staff  on  HR,  finance,  and  related  areas  of  operations   Excellent  hard  copy  and  electronic  record  keeping  skills   Highly  organised  and  computer  literate   Process  driven   Able  to  effectively  manage  external  stakeholder  relationships  with  vendors   Ability  to  resolve  conflict   Can  negotiate  effectively  to  deliver  value  for  money  



Scope  of  Work  

  4.1.  Team  Management   The   Finance   and   Human   Resources   Manager   is   responsible   for   line   managing   the   finance   team,   which   comprises  the  Finance  Manager  (Deloitte)  and  Finance  Officer.    S/he  is  also  responsible  for  all  human  resource   systems  management  and  oversight,  which  includes  supervision  of  administrative  staff  who  are  working  on   HR   matters   and   training,   capacity   building,   and   skills   development.   The   Finance   and   Human   Resources   Manager  works  collaboratively  with  all  Heads  and  the  CEO  on  finance  and  HR  matters  under  their  areas,  and   reports  to  the  Head  of  Operations.     4.2.  Oversight  of  financial  operations   The   financial   stability   of   the   programme   is   key   to   its   effectiveness,   and   it   is   the   job   of   the   Finance   and   HR   Manager   to   ensure   that   the   finance   team   are   performing   in   their   duties   to   a   high   standard,   that   FSDZ   is   compliant  with  all  financial  policies  and  procedures,  and  that  we  are  prepared  for  audit  and  financing  partner   reviews  and  reporting  as  scheduled.  This  includes  the  following  responsibilities,  but  is  not  limited  to  them:   •   Ensure  that  finance  policies  and  procedures  are  implemented  in  a  timely  and  accurate  manner  for  all   programme  and  operational  expenses  in  accordance  with  the  finance  manual   •   Ensure  that  financial  files,  both  hard  copy  and  soft  copy,  are  audit-­‐compliant   •   Ensure  staff  salaries  and  related  taxes  and  deductions  are  processed  according  to  schedule   •   Maintain  and  apply  up  to  date  knowledge  on  Zambian  tax  law  and  business  licensing/registration   •   Work  with  the  Deloitte  Finance  Manager  to  ensure  all  payments  are  processed  in  a  timely  manner  and   according  to  contractual  obligations,  and  all  other  fiduciary  work  of  Deloitte  is  supported   •   Ensure   financial   information   is   recorded   accurately,   including   appropriate   aggregations   to   budget   lines,  and  that  monthly  and  quarterly  spending  reports  are  accurate  and  prepared  in  a  timely  manner,   including  for  financing  partner  reporting   •   Ensure  the  CEO  receives  all  reports  and  financing  requests  as  required  for  approval  in  a  timely  manner,   ensuring  accuracy  of  all  donor  deliverables   •   Perform  regular  cash  counts  and  ensure  security  of  petty  cash  balances   •   Review  all  payment  approval  requests  for  accuracy,  completeness,  and  legitimacy     4.3.  Budget  Planning,  Monitoring  and  Reporting   •   Ensure  budgets  are  developed  on  an  annual  basis,  and  accurate  and  timely  forecasts  prepared  each   quarter   and   each   month   and   submitted   to   the   CEO   for   onward   submission   to   financing   partners   and   the  Board   •   Ensure   spending   is   within   budgetary   limits   and   is   accurately   recorded   in   a   timely   manner   to   allow   management  of  the  budget.  Advise  management  when  adjustments  may  be  needed     •   Monitor   administration   and   program   budgets   to   ensure   that   spending   occurs   as   planned   and   that   variances  are  anticipated,  noted  and  corrected.  Ensure  that  key  programme  personnel  are  aware  of   their  budgetary  resources  and  are  able  themselves  to  monitor  and  manage  their  budgets   •   Work  with  technical  teams  to  ensure  timely  billing  of  contracts  and  tracking  of  payments  timing   •   Prepare  monthly  variance  analysis  reposts  for  each  budget  including  accruals,  and  initiate  review  with   individual  programme  managers   •   Support  programme  staff  in  budget  development  and  management.  


4.4.  Human  Resources  Management   In   the   lean   FSDZ   team,   the   Human   Resources   function   falls   directly   to   this   role.   Key   areas   of   responsibility   include,  but  are  not  limited  to:   •   Recruitment  of  staff  –  developing  Job  Descriptions  in  coordination  with  supervisors,  preparing  vacancy   announcements,   longlisting   and   shortlisting,   setting   up   interview   panels   and   standard   questions,  



interviewing,  vetting/police  checks,  references,  and  selecting  candidates  –  in  full  conformity  with  the   HR  manual   •   Draft  and  finalise  employment  agreements   •   Maintain  hard  and  soft  copy  personnel  files  and  the  staff  database  in  a  confidential  manner   •   Support   consistency   of   each   position   with   the   organisation’s   compensation   structure   and   plan,   covering  salary  and  benefits   •   Lead  staff  training  initiatives  and  manage  all  staff  inductions   •   Oversee   timely   and   accurate   staff   timesheet   submissions   and   approvals,   track   leave,   and   prepare   payroll   •   Advise  and  take  action  where  necessary  on  any  disciplinary  actions   •   Oversee   the   process   of   all   staff   performance   management   including   scheduling   appraisals   and   objective  setting/measurement   •   Mentor  and  build  capacity  of  all  finance  and  operational  staff     •   Maintain  and  advise  on  all  staff  benefits  including  medical  insurance     4.5.  Management  of  Financial  and  HR  Special  Projects     The  Finance  and  Human  Resources  Manager  is  also  responsible  for  managing  various  longer  term  operational   projects,  working  closely  with  management  and  the  FSDZ  CEO.  Such  projects  may  include:   •   Working  with  the  FSDZ  CEO  to  ensure  all  deliverables  of  the  organization  are  met,  such  as  annual  and   quarterly  reporting  to  the  financing  partners,  and  reporting  on  key  financial  and  HR  issues  to  the  CEO   •   Ongoing  update  and  implementation  of  all  relevant  policies,  strategies,  manuals  and  templates   •   Continual  staff  development  and  training   •   Working  on  operational  department  projects  such  as  development  of  accounting,  payroll,  reporting,   and  contracting  systems  and  processes,  and  analysis  of  timesheet  areas  to  see  usage   •   Generally   ensuring   that   FSDZ   finance,   HR,   and   operations   is   supported   in   a   knowledgeable,   professional,  competent  and  efficient  manner       4.7.  Additional  activities  as  required  in  support  of  FSDZ’s  programme   The  FSDZ  team  needs  to  be  able  to  adopt  a  flexible  approach.  No  terms  of  reference  will  be  able  to  fully  cover   what  may  be  needed  in  the  course  of  work  with  FSDZ.  This  Job  Description  therefore  incudes:   •   Any  other  tasks  a  requested  by  management   •   Cover  for  colleagues  on  leave  of  absence    


Conduct  of  the  Work  


Key  Relationships  

FSDZ   has   a   very   flat   management   structure.   Everyone   across   the   FSDZ   team   needs   to   be   able   to   take   the   initiative  to  get  things  done  without  being  told  precisely  what  to  do  or  how  to  do  it.  The  responsibility  to  deliver   on   objectives   starts   with   the   individual   member   of   staff.   This   does   not   mean   that   people   operate   independently.  It  is  vital  to  be  able  to  judge  when  and  where  to  look  across  the  team  and  to  leadership  for   support,  advice,  ideas  or  simple  validation  of  an  approach.  

FSDZ  CEO   Operations  Head   Deloitte  Finance  Manager   Procurement  Officer   All  other  FSDZ  technical  and  operational  staff   Suppliers   Contract  partners   Donor  representatives    




Job  Holder  Acknowledgement  

Name  of  Job  Holder  


Date  of  acknowledgement  







Job Description

  Job  Description   Finance  and  Human  Resources  Manager   1.   Context  of  the  Role     2.   Job  Purpose     3.   Key  Competencies   ...

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